1300 Lb. Electric Hoist With Remote Control


Description: Lift heavy equipment from a secure distance with this electric hoist This remote-controlled, part-ton electric hoist permits you to stand at a secure distance at the same time as you lift as much as 1320 lb. by remote keep an eye on. With an electrical hoist that lifts at a rate as much as 33 ft. per minute, the job gets done faster and more safely. Featuring a single cable length of 48 ft., this electric hoist is superb for any shop or automotive garage loading heavy equipment or eliminating engines. Tethered remote keep an eye on with power up/power down Weighted lift hook Sheaved pulley lift hook for dual line operation Durable braided steel cable Specification: Amperage (amps) 9.4 Cable gauge 3/16 in. Horsepower (hp) 1-1/2 Maximum speed (rpm) 26 FPM single, 13 FPM double RPM Wattage (watts) 1150 Cable length (ft.) 39 ft. Product Height nine-5/8 in. Product Length 15 in. Product Width 6 in.


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