Air-Acetylene Brazing Torch for “B” Tanks (ZTK)


See www.zorchproducts for more details. ZORCH is a Registered Trade Mark Owned by Zorch LLC. a U.S. Company. Zorch Torch Kit Includes: REGULATOR with inlet and outlet pressure gauges for simple to read tank pressure and working line pressure. Regulator lets you keep an eye on the working pressure for various applications. 350psi Max. inlet pressure 3/8″- 24 LH thread outletCGA 520 “B” tank connectionBrass body construction (Never Exceed 15psi – Explosion Would possibly Happen)HIGH PRESSURE HOSE with 3/8”-24LH thread connections for safety and 12 ft. of length for maneuverability. Hose provides flexibility in all temperature conditions. TORCH HANDLE with 3/8”-24 LH thread connection has a quick-disconnect for changing torch tips easily all the way through varying job conditions and ergonomic grip for torch care for comfort and keep an eye on.TORCH TIPS #3 & #11 install easily in quick-disconnect care for and cover quite a lot of soldering and brazing applications. Tips will silver solder 1/4″ to at least one-1/2″ copper with proper conditions.


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