Arduino S2 (Spot welder + Soldering Iron Controller for Hakko T12)


Mini S2 (Spot welder + Soldering Iron Controller for Hakko T12) Description It has two important tools for D.I.Y. 1. Spot welder for 18650 battery pack 2. Hakko T12 Soldering Iron Controller I made version 1 in January 2016.This was made in Korea and used by many people,It has recently started to be used in quite a lot of countries. I used Arduino to implement precise regulate functions,- Automatic spot welding, and FET check function, Alarm, etc.Refer : As shown in the picture, a basic spot welding cable is provided,A Soldering iron maintain and T12 tip are provided. You want two additional things.1. for Spot welding : RC battery (3s 5000mah 25c) or 12v car battery (80AH)2. for Soldering Iron : 19v adapter or 4s battery pack (DC jack : 5.5mm – 2.1mm) OLED screen shows detailed information,Encoder can easily change the settings. (Turn, click / press, etc.) Spot Welder – Automatic Spot WeldingYou wouldn’t have to press the switch every time. When the spot welding tip is pressed nickel strip. after 0.8 seconds, it is spot welded.0.8 seconds is the default. Time can be adjusted. – Battery voltage WarningEach battery has different performance. Even supposing you put out of your mind battery charge, It tells you when to charge.The voltage value can be adjusted. – FET temperature WarningElectricity raises the temperature of the part.It can get hot if you wish to have strong welding performance. – FET checkEverything can fail. It may also inform you of the failure of an important component FET. Soldering Iron controller – You’ll be able to regulate up to 450 degrees.- Preset : It has 5 presets. Needless to say the changed value. Video on how to use it :refer : Related Forum : 오토 스폿 용접 Automatic Spot Welding Test (It include soldering iron) for 18650 – YouTube Video will open in a new window [isdntekvideo]


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