Craftsman FLEX Drive Table saw MOTOR 1&1/6 HP CCW rotation


Flex drive motors: (a flex drive has a cable attached to the motor and also attaches to the Side of the table saw. Got rid of from a Sears Craftsman 10″ Flex Drive (shaft drive) Table Saw model 113.241691. Will fit 113.241680, 113.241690, and 113.241691 Flex Drive Saws in addition to other brands or models of saws or power tools needing this size motor and CCW rotation. Belt drive table saws: Will not work on most Craftsman belt drive table saws because of the “CCW” rotation. Every so often very confusing to determine if the motor is going to work for your belt driven saw. The following is something that may lend a hand. Stand at the back of your table saw and look at your motor. If the belt drive & shaft is on the left-hand side, this motor will have to work. (most Craftsman table saws are on the right) It has a standard 56 frame and a 5/8″ keyed output shaft. 110V power cord is included.This motor is clean, quiet, and strong running.Motor specs: 1 1/16HP120 Volt 14.7 AMP 3450 RPM CCW rotation only (shaft end) 110V power cord is included.5/8″ shaft with key slot, standard Craftsman size 3″ by 5″ hole mounting pattern, it is a standard size that craftsman power tools use. NOTE: it is a Counter Clockwise Rotation motor (as viewed from the shaft end). it is going to not work on Craftsman belt drive table saws or other tools requiring a Clockwise Rotation motor.


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