Cross Cut Hold Down for SawStop


We have now been manufacturing precision tools that are engineered and designed right here in Pittsburgh, PA since 2010. The founder owns a SawStop Industrial Cabinet Saw and purchased the sliding cross cut miter accessory. The slider accessory is beautifully designed and executed but used to be missing a stock hold down unit to match the robust quality and wonderful thing about the slider and the saw, so he designed it and made one for himself. He’s now making them to be had to all SawStop owners that have the cross cut slider to be had at a low introductory cost. Constructed from American 6061 aluminum, precision turned and beautifully made with special knurled knobs and hardware in satin finish to match the SawStop slider. The SSHD-1, comes complete with two knurled handles, 1/2″ diameter down shaft with nylon pivot, nylon spacers to offer protection to the finish on your slider, hold down rail, and insert to protected the slider to the cross cut rail. All perfectly machined and finished in precision quality and finish and to match. Just beautiful. Of course you’ll use your flip down stops, but that still does not keep your work protected as this hold on accessory. Hold your work securely with accuracy to match the slider. One year warranty. Made by hand, by our craftsman, right here in america.


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