Custom steel bracket motor mount for Delta table saw 422390140006 36-630 36-635


I don’t offer returns on this bracket! If you aren’t certain it is the bracket you wish to have, then ask me questions or ask for more pictures till you are sure its what you wish to have. I made this Custom steel bracket to replace the aluminum Part No 422-39-014-0006 (Ref No 111) that fits Delta 10″ contractors saw ll, Model No 36-630 and #36-640 This sale is for one steel bracket to replace the aluminum bracket that twists and or breaks from the load/weight and is no longer available. Free shipping is to lower 48 states only. The first batch of these were made from a piece of scrap steel thicker than needed to do the job. I have used up that piece and am the use of different steel plate that is strong enough but looks different than the pictures. 36-630 Type 1 CONTRACTORS TABLESAW 36-640 CONTRACTORS SAW Here is my response to a question I recieved “Without seeing your saw I will’t guarantee it. But since your model number is so close to 36-630 its probably protected to assume they are almost identical. If the parts on your saw, the motor and its bracket and the mounting pins and spring, look like and match the pictures of my saw, then the new steel bracket must very likely work fine. The two holes for bolts at top of the bracket are 2.25 inches between centers. The two lugs at bottom of bracket for the spring loaded pins are 4-3/16 inches wide, and fit in the steel channel of the motor between the holes for the pins. The inner diameter of the two lugs is 1/2 inch, just quite larger than the mounting pins. You’ll be able to measure your parts to see that they mate with the dimensions of this bracket. In case you are comfortable with the dimensions and pictures matching what you have, go ahead and order.” ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Email from a buyer : I wish to thank you on behalf of all of us who bought the Delta contractor saws with the cast aluminum motor bracket. The steel replacement bracket you are selling is a lifesaver for us. Without this bracket, my saw is worthless, and I would have had to replace it. I bought my #36-640 in 1997, and had to buy a second bracket in a couple of years. Of course they stopped making them a few years later, so I searched for several more years before I had my bracket bent back in a welding shop. But it didn’t last, and was soon bent again. Then I discovered your eBay site and ordered the steel bracket you sell. It fits perfectly on my #36-640 contractor saw. Thanks again. L.M. B********


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