Cutting & Polishing Kit for Granite / Concrete Countertop Undermount Sink Work


-Include a DAMO 5″ Diamond Contour Blade, a 2″X2″ Coarse Diamond Grinding Drum Wheels, a 2″X2″ Medium Diamond Grinding Drum Wheels and a set of 2″ Dry Polishing Drum Wheels (7 PCS). DAMO Contour Blade works great on all curved cutting applications such as sink holes, for granite, engineered stone and harder types of marble. The side protection segments are specially designed on both sides of the blade to prevent undercutting caused by curved cutting, and to assist the blades cutting ability to cut curved areas cleanly in addition to grind away material to make a wider kerf, allowing the blade to make tighter radiuses. We recommend the usage of the DAMO Hand Profiler Z-Series after you cut a sink hole. The DAMO Contour Blade can be utilized either wet or dry. It is versatile and fits on most common angle grinders and stone cutters. Arbor diameter is 7/8″, reduced to 5/8″ with a washer (included). Available in 5″ . All the time wear personal safety equipment when cutting. The vacuum brazed diamond drum wheels are designed for making an inside circle, oval, or arc. The tool features the fastest material removal rate of any grinding drum when used on granite, marble, concrete and engineered stone. 30/40 grit diamond (coarse) for grinding hard granite. 70/80 grit diamond(medium) for grinding medium/soft granite and marble. 5/8-11 thread fits most grinders, 2″ diameter and 2″ height. The Dry Diamond Polishing Drum Wheels are designed for dry polishing of sink cutouts or tight radius. A complete set on a regular basis comes with grit 50,100, 200,400, 800, 1500 & 3000. Polish from grit 50 to 3000 respectively. Our items can also be shipped internationally through the Global Shipping Program. We ship your order to a global shipping provider located in the USA and the global shipping provider ships the item to you. Items that ship through the Global Shipping Program in most cases arrive within one week after departing the USA shipping center. You’re going to receive email for a global tracking number which enables you to track your item as it travels from the USA shipping center to you. The global tracking number can be found in My eBay and on the Order details page. Please check link below for detailed description.


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