DEKO 108PC DIY Hand Tool Set 4V Electric Cordless1/4” Screwdriver BMC Box


Feature Adaptability – Multi-function and wide use toolbox kit perfect for home DIY projects including furniture assemblying,lighting, woodwork, plumbing repair,car repairs and lots of more Varierty -It includes 1 electric screwdriver and 1 heavy duty screwdriver set meeting the requirements accordingly to the strength needed all the way through the task Practical :Wealthy accessories of up to date tools placed on this kit.Includes 3.6V electric screwdriver,heavy duty hammer, pliers,wrench ,scissors(for gardening pruning&iron sheet cut Shear),utility knife,tape measure,also includes 3-8mm socket set,33 pieces of CRV 1/4-inch screwdriver bits of Phillips,slotted,square, star and pozi,charger,and so forth. Quality – Forged from steel and finished in high-polish chrome.The tools provide strength, durability and anti-corrosion protection exceeding ANSI vital standards Covenience:Housed in a handy blow-molded case for simple tool storage and portability. Its sturdy interior and organizer assists in keeping tools in place.Black case makes it dirt-resistant.Diamond shape Specification Power:3.6V DC Max Power: Battery Type:Li-ion Charger Current: 0.3A Input Voltage and Freq:100-240V 50-60Hz Charger Time:3-5 hrs Max Torque:3.5Nm No Load Speed:230rpm Includes: [1] 3.6V Power Screwdriver Max:4V [2] Philips & Slotted Screwdriver [1] Bit Holder Screwdriver [1] Bit Holder Extensionv [1] Hammer [1] Adjustable Wrench [1] Lineman’s Plier [1] Utility knife [1] Gardening Pruning&Iron Sheet Cut Shear [1] Tape measure [3] High Speed Drill Bits [1] Bits [9] Sockets 5MM-13MM [5] 1/4-inch Screwdriver Slotted Bit MM: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 [4] 1/4-inch Screwdriver Phillips Bit: #0, #1, #2, #3 [5] 1/4-inch Screwdriver Star Drive Bit: T10, T15, T20, T25, T30 [2] 1/4-inch Screwdriver Pozi Bit :PZ1, PZ2 [3] 1/4-inch Screwdriver Square Bits:S1,S2,S3 [4] 1/4-inch 50mm Screwdriver Phillips Bit: #0, #1, #2, #3 [3] 1/4-inch 50mm Screwdriver Slotted Bit MM: 4, 5, 6 [2]1/4-inch 50mm Screwdriver Star Drive Bit: T15, T20 [2] 1/4-inch Hex by Drive Socket Adapter [1] Screw Assortment Kit [1] charger [1] BMC Box On Dec-14-17 at 21:47:31 PST, seller added the next information:


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