[DEWA] [1004501-00] DeWalt DC330/DCS331L1 Jig Saw Replacement Rip Fence


–>DeWalt DC330/DCS331L1 Jig Noticed Substitute Rip Fence Phase Quantity: 1004501-00 THIS PART FITS THESE MODELS: DCS331B (Sort 1) 20V Jig Noticed, DCS331L1 (Sort 1) 20V Li-Lon Jig Noticed, DC330K (Sort 10) 18V Jig Noticed, DW321K (Sort 2) Jig Noticed, DC308K Sort 1, DC318K Sort 1, DC330B Sort 10, DC330K Sort 10, DCS331B Sort 1, DCS331L1 Sort 1, DW300-AR Sort 1, DW300-B2 Sort 1, DW300-B2C Sort 1, DW300-B3 Sort 1, DW300-B3LZ Sort 1, DW300-BR Sort 1, DW300CM-B3 Sort 1, DW321 Sort 2, DW321K Sort 2, DW323K Sort 2, DW331K Sort 1, DW331K Sort 10, DW933 Sort 1, DW933K Sort 1, FME340 Sort 1, PC600JS Sort 1, PC600JS Sort 2 This Is An OEM Phase NOT An Aftermarket Phase!!!!! Thank-you and feature a GREAT day!!!


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