Flange Wizard Multi Hole Imager Kit


FLANGE WIZARD MULTI HOLE IMAGER KIT FOR LAYOUT ON PIPE AND PLATE P/N 65007 #65007 Multi-Hole Imager – The Multi-Hole Imager is Flange Wizard®’s newest layout tool. The strong “off and on” magnet makes positioning on a round, flat, or irregular surface easy. A “bull’s eye” circular leveling vial is built in The principle tower of the Multi-Hole Imager to lend a hand in leveling the tool as required. The Multi-Hole Imager will layout round or elongated holes (ellipse) on flat material or pipe to check laterals at compound angles or at 90°. The principle arm is adjustable and notched to keep it centered with the tower for true layouts. A protractor, with adjustable shaft and sliding marking arm, fits in The principle arm of the Imager taking into consideration layout of elliptical holes in header pipe for matching compound pipe laterals coming in to the header. It’ll layout matching holes in pipe for 90° saddle branches. The Imager is great for round holes in plate or elongated holes when coming in at an angle. The Multi-Hole Imager is sold in a sturdy polypropylene case (p/n 8903) for protection between jobs. A Spring Buckle Strap (p/n 5010) is to be had to carry Imager in position for non-magnetic surfaces. Marks 3/4′ to twenty’ holes in plate with vertical shaft at 90°. Marks 3/4′ to 16′ saddle holes in pipe with vertical shaft at 90°. Has a 150 pound holding magnet with a “off and on” switch. made in america by Flange Wizard.


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