Hinged Wide Table Kit for Ryobi BT3000


Hinged wide table kit permits you to cut as much as 38 inches right of the blade.When not in use, hinge hangs down, taking up no extra room when in comparison to standard table.Must be supported by some type of brace from underneath.(NOT INCLUDED)Great alternative for individuals who have limited shop space.Please note that that is NOT a wide table kit part #4730300. The wide table kit is 40+ inches long and isn’t hinged. This item is half as long, and is hinged to take up less space in a smaller work area. This item is meant to extend the rails, not be a continuous measuring device. We recommend the usage of a tape measure to obtain measurements on any Ryobi saw. What is for sale is the wide table hinged kit only – rails, hinges, and T-nuts. Other items in photos are just to be used in measuring and showing function. 100% of the proceeds benefit JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).


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