HVAC Portable Torch Kit OXYGEN ACETYLENE REGULATORS with tote Complete set No Tanks HVAC Portable Torch Kit OXYGEN ACETYLENE REGULATORS with tote Complete set No Tanks Hover any image to see it full size Item Description Victor Style Oxygen Acetylene Torch Kit (TANKS NOT INCLUDED in this Listing!!!) This is Everything Here: CGA540 CONNECTION OXYGEN REGULATOR Included CGA200 CONNECTION ACETYLENE REGULATOR included 15 FT TWIN HOSE WITH CONNECTORS included CUTTING ATTACHMENT included CUTTING HANDLE included 3-101 CUTTING NOZZLE Included WELDING TIP included SPARK LIGHTER included TIP CLEANER included SPANNER/+ Wrench included WELDING GOGGLE included PLASTIC TOTE included TOTAL 350.00 Sold seperately!!! Weld iron and steel pipes,Copper Brazing or use this portable oxy acetylene torch kit to fabricate metal artwork as well as brazing, cutting, bending and forming. The complete torch kit includes Oxygen -Acetylebne regulators along with chrome-plated brass torch assembly with turbo lever. Accessories with the kit include a torch flint spark lighter, goggles and a poly carrier tote. Includes torch flint spark lighter, goggles and poly carrier tote Comes with welding tip and cutting torch tip 20 cubic ft. oxygen tank and 10 cubic ft. acetylene Shipping Details Free Ground Shipping 99% of Orders will be shipped within 24-48Hours You will receive a Bill of Lading Number when Item is sent to warehouse YOU ALSO MAY RECEIVE A BILL OF LADING IN THE MAIL BEFORE DELIVERY!!! DO NOT OPEN A CASE !! Ebay does not track large freight -THAT SHOULD BE YOUR TRACKING INFO– IF You want help tracking GIVE US A CALL 1855 4 PENGUIN READ HERE!!!! EBAY DOES NOT TRACK LARGE FREIGHT AND THE DELIVERIES STATED ARE BASED ON USPS OR UPS DELIVERY SCHEDULES. SO SHIPPING DIFFERS WHEN SENT ON TRACTOR TRAILER FOR LARGE FREIGHT-SO WE SEND TRACKING THROUGH EMAL AND THROUGH USMAIL -YOU MAY RECEIVE AN ENVELOPE WITH THE BILL OF LADING AND THE TRACKING INFO ON IT _YOU SHOULD RECEIVE THIS BEFORE DELIVERY AND INFORMATION ON TRACKING ON THE BILL OF LADING RECEIVED SO… DO NOT OPEN A CASE IF YOU GET A BILL OF LADING THROUGH THE MAIL! THANK YOU!! YOUR DELIVERY IS ON THE WAY!!! YOU CAN CALL ANYTIME IF YOU CANNOT TRACK YOUR SHIPMENT AND WE WILL TRACK IT FOR YOU!!! WE SHIP FASTER THAN ANY COMPANY IN THE COUNTRY !! WE HAVE 3 Different Locations and warehouses that we ship different models to expedite the shipping process for you -Your Shipment is ON THE WAY!! You will receive a Tracking Number day after today after it ships YOUR ITEM WILL NOT SHIP UNLESS YOU HAVE A PHONE NUMBER FOR THE TRUCKING COMPANY !!!! It will be marked as shipped until phone number is received-It will ship day after today after Phone number is received!It will be shipped to address and phone given on Ebay If you have a different address or Phone number– you must call!!!-Do not email or message you Must call ! If not you will be responsible for redirect fees from Trucker and or storage and return shipping along with original shipping fees if the proper address is not on original shipment Shipping Insurance and Instructions We Only use High Quality Freight Companies,Ups,Fedex,Southeastern,Old Dominion and more … Damage is Very Rare. Although Rare, Minor dents,dings and Scratches can Happen but will Not affect the Operation of the Equipment. If a Minor scratch, Ding or dent is visible upon receiving equipment, Accept the Delivery but Note the Damage on the Bill of Lading before you sign it. The trucking Company will Make Good on the Damages. If its Major Damage, refuse the Delivery and we will be able to be contacted by trucker.But call us and we will be able to usually ship replacement out the same day.Call us as soon as you have refused shipment.This Can Not be Done for Deliveries that Have Been Signed for & Accepted. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!!!!! Do NOT Sign for Items That Have NOT Been Inspected. Make the Driver wait Once the bill of lading is Signed, You Will Own it and Remove Most or All of the Carrier’ s Liability Even if the Signature is from Someone Else that Received it on Your Behalf-You will be responsible to call trucking company for any unseen or concealed damages if you do inspect package and its contents-If you do not understand this -Do not place order No exceptions! Concealed Damages must be reported within 24hours of receiving to the trucking company Do Not schedule your install until you receive all your items.Sometime items are delayed ,backordered or ordered wrong and can ship seperately from original shipment.Budget is not responsible for any scheduling of any install.That is Buyers responsibilty to inspect and schedule installs once all items are received. PLEASE HAVE PHONE NUMBER ON ORDER!..or your order will not ship! Payment Details Payments can be made by Paypal which include credit card options from their site Any item that is on sale must be paid for before end of sale or will revert back to original price All items must be paid for within 72 hours from time of winning Bid or fixed price purchase of Item All items not paid for within that time will be cancelled and Ebay will be notified of unpaid item PLEASE HAVE PHONE NUMBER ON ORDER!! Additional Information UV Light Offer-Item must be Same Brand and Model Numbers on a Condenser, Air Handler,Furnace or Coil(Apples to Apples)Also must include same items ,Free shipping,Free heat strip, Free Programmable Thermostat,warranty etc….UV Promotion is at the same time as supplies last .Pictures are generic and all free items may differ slightly from listing-But will be equal or better item Seen.Depending of time of order and availability at time of order from manufacturer. SEER Ratings- Some systems in our listings may have lower seer condensers and High speed air handlers to reach listed seer rating.All systems are AHRI rated and matched syatems are listed on the the Government controlled website which rates all systems and their efficiencies(example=14 seer Condenser with high speed air handler could reach as high as a 16 Seer rating on the matched system) CALL and we will be able to get you the best price Guaranteed !Yes we price Match all websites and consider all Reasonable offers on Price Match. Price Match Uv Light Offer is for Complete systems unless otherwise noted -We also will Price match any non system item we have listed (No UV ) minus $1.00 -So we are the Lowest price on every item we have listed on Ebay Guaranteed ! Florida residents must add sales tax -Uncle Sams portion of the sale is not part of The pricematch guarantee PriceMatch Hours 8am-5Pm Monday-Friday Weekend Price Match must call Monday Am and Unit will Ship Sameday or Next day At Budget Air Supply we are one of the crucial Largest Suppliers to the HVAC Industry .We are not some virtual Website –We have an in MAIN Office and Warehouse DAVENPORT FLORIDA Warehouse-WICHITA KANSAS Warehouse LAS VEGAS NEVADA We have been in the Air Conditioning and Heating Industry since 1993. With 35 years of experience, our technical support team is here to help you with your purchases. We all come from an Air Conditioning installer’s background and actually use all the items we sell- Our Sales Team are technicians and are trained to help you choose the correct system for your home or business. We actually STOCK and Warranty OUR EQUIPMENT AND PARTS We sell to Air Conditioning Companies-Churches-Schools-Property Managers-Government facilities and more… We currently have 40000 sq. ft. of warehouse and office Space and offer Multi Million Dollar Inventory Throughout Our Products are geared toward the Contractor and Installing technician including – Capacitors, Compressors, Tube Benders-expanders, vacuum pumps, Leak detectors, Copper fittings, Torch kits, Ductboard, Flex, contactors, Transformers and many more HVAC TOOLS and parts. In 2012 We started selling HVAC Parts under the name Wholesale Air Supply-Parts Division -Tools, Parts and supplies to the HVAC Industry-Which is owned by Budget Air Supply-which has ended and our new line was launched At the end of 2014 2014 we introduced our American Pride Line sets and HVAC parts that have been invented designed tested or Manufactured in the USA and applied the trademark for American Pride and Logo The Products will soon available exclusively at Budget Air Supply In 2015 We Opened our Wichita Kansas Location and are looking to expand our operations into other states to better serve our Customers Nationwide – 2015 Davenport Florida warehouse ADDS 10,000 more square feet JUNE 2016 Budget Air Supply Launches New warehouse in Las Vegas Nevada ALL ITEMS ARE NEW AND DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY! Call us Toll Free 1 855 4 PENGUI-N for all your questions about your Ebay Orders Our staff are Qualified Technicians or Contractors themselves INSTALLATION is available throughout the state of FLORIDA licensed Through our Network of installers also Multiple Licenses including our Current License throughout the State of Florida. We also have installers in Ohio,Georgia,Tennessee, South Carolina ,North Carolina ,Arkansas, Missouri,Kansas,Virginia and More… Call for Details IF you would like to become part of our “INSTALLER NETWORK”in Your Area WE will send business your way for FREE! You will receive Reduced Cost on equipment and purchases! You will be sent all installations and service in your area-FREE! NO cost to join!No Cost ever-Call Today! Call and become part of our team today!! Call For Details NOBODY BEATS THE PENGUIN! SALE PRICE and PAYMENT POLICY ALL PAYMENTS must be made within 72 hours of winning Bid -ALL sale items must be made before end of sale or price will revert back to original price .All sales are set by our manufacturers and we do not control when items go on sale .No refunds will be given for items that were purchased previously to the sale date -NO Exceptions No items that are purchased after sale date has ended can be sold at previous sale price Only items bought and paid for during sale dates will sale price be honored -Once sale ends The sale is over.If you have purchased an item previously then it goes on sale from manufacturer we do not refund or honor any sale item price to previous purchases NO EXCEPTIONS.Be aware of this Policy before purchase -We run sales frequently -Check Back regularly to see our sale items . Heat strips we offer for free are without a Breaker -If You want a Heat strip with a breaker $25.00 upgrade Call us:1 855 4 PENGUI-N Our Refund Policy Refunds will be given if item is returned in same condition as shipped NEW and in working order-Any item that is returned and is damaged and/or not in original condition will on be partially refunded at our discretion of resale value Refunds will be given to items that have been shipped and received within 14 days of ship date After that time you must call to discuss reason for return and our refund policy deminishes.Also if it is a free shipping item -we only pay One shipping per Order -Customer is responsible for return shipping charges All new orders will also have shipping if customer ordered in error. Our Feedback Policy We try to give your positive feedback on a weekly basis -We would like you to call if you have any issues with your product so we will be able to unravel without leaving negative feedback we have a full refund policy so you will not be out any money if you return item.So Negative feedback should never be an end result of our transaction Thank you WARRANTY INFORMATION Your warranty is Valid even if bought on the Internet Your System Should be installed by a Dealer/Contractor/Installer as described below by the Manufacturer Neither warranty applies to, and no warranty is offered by Goodman on, any unit ordered over the Internet, by telephone or other electronic means unless the unit is installed by a dealer(Installer) adhering to all applicable federal, state, and local codes, policies and licensing requirements. We are Licensed Warranty Providers for the Manufacturer.Not all Sellers on Ebay can legally handle warranty Issues.Be careful where you buy on Ebay! We are one of the crucial few Co-Distribution Centers for the manufacturers that are Insurance Warranty License Holders and can handle all Parts warranties issue LEGALLY! No Labor We do not pay LABOR on any warranty We are not responsible for and Labor Charges on your warranties! SYSTEM WARRANTIES-Are Parts Only-NO LABOR!Parts Only! All 13/14 seer Units are 10year parts warranty NO LABOR Some Goodman 15 Seer Systems carry 10year Parts-Lifetime Compressor Rheem units carry a 10yr parts warranty Goodman 16 Seer 2 Stage Systems Carry a Lifetime Compressor Plus 10yr Limited condenser Warranty all warranties subject to change without notice We are licensed warranty providers for all products we sell Parts warranties do not include freight or shipping charges Budget Air Supply is YOUR warranty provider through Manufacturer and has the right to cancel any warranty on any system that the buyer has improperly installed system, any customer has become abusive or threatening,has in our opinion abused the feedback system or wrongfully reported our company to any authority whatsoever.Budget sells systems to the public at HUGE discounts, where otherwise buyers cannot buy purchase elsewhere and reserves this right on any item purchased through our company.This policy is rarely enforced but is at the the sole discretion of Budget Air SupplyLLC and its Companies.Please understand this policy before ordering or do not purchase this item.The purchase of this item confirms that you have read this agreement,Our policies and terms of this sale and fully understand all aspects- We try to help each every customer as best we will be able to and all the time will SEER RATINGS Seer ratings are a combination of the condenser and air handler and are governed by the US Government.EXAMPLE = a 14 seer condenser teamed up with a high efficiency air handler may reach a seer rating as high as 16 SEER+They are rated as a system, not individually- Packaged units are rated as a system Call Toll Free – Feedback – Profile – Other Auctions –


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