Miter Fence For Ryobi 10″ Table Saw BT3000/BT3100 3 ea – pick 1 – excel cond.


This auction is for three (3) (sold separately) used in very good to excellent condition miter fences for a ryobi BT3000, BT 3100 or the Craftsman version. These miter fences have had a little bit of saw damage on the black angled end piece – I would replace them but they are no longer available. Please note that if the fence holders fit a little bit tight and tend to squeak when moved a little bit of furniture wax should take care of that – Don’t use automotive wax or silicone spray as it apparently has a tendency to remain on the part and migrate to other areas where you do not want it. Fence #2 & #3 have a couple of saw cuts on the black tip. This shouldn’t have any adverse effect on the use of the miter fence function I had a wood (Pine 1″ X 4″) piece that was fastened to the business end of the fence and it should be very easy to replicate. If you wish to have I will be able to try to find my example or else I will be able to make a sketch of how to fasten it to the aluminum fence extrusion with a square head screw (1/2″ square head ~ 1/-20 thread size like automotive battery terminal screws). Then drill a hole in the face side of the 1″ X 4″ with a recessed area to countersink a nut that is attached to the screw. Please note: If you wish to have this sketch you must ask me for it when palcing order or I will be able to scan and email it to you later – BUT YOU NEED TO ASK! I have three fences all in very good condition that are being sold separately. . The first winning bidder may select which saw they are going to get . Otherwise I will be able to package and ship #1, then #2 and finally #3. This fence will be shipped disassembled for ease of handling and to keep the shipping costs down. It is possible for you to to find an exploded parts list on the Ryobi Manual that is available online. I will be able to furnish a link for this if you’ll be able to’t find it. If you don’t feel comfortable getting this fence disassembled I will be able to re assemble it but most lilkely with a slight increase in shipping cost. I have a BT3000 and a BT3000 that will be disassembled and listed in the near future. If you have a need for a specific part please send me a message thru ebay and I should be able to get it listed in short order on a buy it now basis with best offer accepted. I would recommend asking for these in order , #1 (no dings on tip), then #2 (slight ding on tip) and then last one is #3 (several dings on tip) . Take into account that all are entirely workable but as the black plastic tip (saw gage) is no longer available we have to go with what we have. Paypal only please Lower 48 states only unless you contact me prior to bidding.


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