NEW Drill Doctor 750X Sharpener Advanced Tool Sharpens Drill 3/32-3/4” DD750X


Product DescriptionIncludes custom blow-molded plastic caseMake your work faster and easier even as saving yourself money sharpening your dull and broken drill bits with the Drill Doctor 750X 3/32- to 3/4-Inch Drill Bit Sharpener. Designed for the serious tool user, this professional, easy-to-use system makes it simple to keep a sharp, perfectly angled cutting edge on bits you use ceaselessly, and it can even be used to put an edge back on broken bits.Sharp Tools Perform Better and Are Safer to Use Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or a serious hobbyist, you know that a dull drill bit can waste valuable time, result in lower-quality work, damage work materials, and shorten your drill’s life.But unlike the somewhat straightforward task of sharpening flat blades, sharpening drill bits by hand is a cumbersome and difficult task. This is what makes the intuitive, easy-to-use Drill Doctor sharpener so useful.Three Easy Steps Ensure Bits Are Sharp and Effective With the Drill Doctor 750X, you simply align the bit by setting it against the stop and locking it in place. To sharpen the bit, you turn the chuck an even number of half turns, depending on the size of your bit. As you sharpen, long jaws hold the bit precisely in place, and jaw guides eliminate jaw twisting on small bits. This safe alignment system ensures that you take care of accurate bit geometry and don’t damage the integrity of your tools.Once the bit is sharpened, the Drill Doctor 750X gives you the option of making a unique BACK-CUT split-point bit that gives your bit an extra-narrow chisel point, making it faster to penetrate and less likely to wander on the material you are drilling in to.Additionally, the drill point splitting port offers a “Push to Stop” design in an effort to prevent over-splitting the bit point. The adjustable material take-off lets you change the amount of bit material that is removed to accommodate large, broken bits or extend the life of small, precision tools.Engineered for Versatility and Flexibility The same chuck can be utilized to sharpen bits of all sizes, from 3/32- to 3/4-inch, whether they are English, metric, or letter gauge bits. The Drill Doctor 750X sharpens all kinds of bit types, from high-speed steel, carbide, cobalt, TiN-coated, masonry, and split-point bits for working with metal.Professional Design and Construction for Durability For added durability, the Drill Doctor 750X features a metal split-point port and a die-cast point angle go back and forth. The tool relies on a permanent-magnet motor that produces consistent power, regardless of speed or load.The Drill Doctor 750X also relies on an industrial-strength diamond sharpening wheel that won’t change shape over time, and a cool design that means bits don’t heat up and lose their tempering as you sharpen them. This wheel, which is good for about 200 sharpenings, is easy for users to replace.As a bonus, the Drill Doctor 750X comes with a rugged shell case, making it easy to transport to the job site. This durable case offers internal storage space for your Drill Doctor, two chucks, two sharpening wheels, and a storage area for small drill bits or other accessories.The Drill Doctor is backed by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.What’s in the Box 750X Drill Bit Sharpener3/4″ chuck (for bits from 3/32″ to 3/4″)180 grit diamond sharpening wheel (pre-installed)750X User GuideCarrying/Storage caseWheel hub wrench (for changing or replacing diamond sharpening wheels) NO SHIPPING TO FREIGHT FORWARDING ADDRESSES OR BOX ADDRESSES OR YOUR ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED. ALL ADDRESSES WILL BE VERIFIED UPON PAYMENT.


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