New ELECTRIC MOTOR Winch HOIST CRANE Rotary Hoist Frame 1320


You watch and bid New heavy duty 600kg Rotary Hoist Frame 1320 LB Specification: This compact, general purpose Rotary hoist frame is perfect for all manner of lifting application. Easy to put in, it is provided with special fixing clamps for circular scaffolding. Provided with a square section beams for any electric hoist as much as 600kgs.Color might vary. Key Specifications/Features: • Rated loading weight: 600kg(1320 LB) • Max length of Hoist position:750mm from Pole to hoist • Max. rotary angle: 180degree • Easy to put in, Easy to make use of, Suitable for maximum. 600kg(1320 LB) hoist Maximum Lift 750mm – 600kgs Warning: Vertical Pole are NOT INCLUDED


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