NEW Evolution Power Tools 14BLADEST Steel Cutting Saw Blade, 14-Inch x 66-Tooth


Buy with confidence! This auction is for a brand spanking new, factory sealed Evolution Power Tools 14BLADEST Steel Cutting Saw Blade, 14-Inch x 66-Tooth Product Features: Evolution saw blades are designed to deliver maximum performance by the usage of the highest grade Carbide, Hardened blade Bodies, and ultra high-grade brazing techniques All offer premium quality Designed to increase performance 1600 RPM 66 Carbide Teeth, .094-Inch Kerf 1-Inch Arbor Size About feedback: eBay’s feedback system includes four rating categories. We work very hard to deserve top ratings in all feedback categories, and hope buyers will take a moment to reward us with 5 star feedback, which we at all times return in kind. Some buyers do not understand the feedback system, and some buyers misuse the feedback system, which makes eBay a worse marketplace for everyone. We ask buyers to imagine the following before leaving feedback. 1) Item as described: Did you received what you ordered? We don’t bait and switch, we use the manufacturer’s product information, and all items ship in the original factory packaging and are brand new unless very clearly stated differently. If an item arrives in anything less than perfect condition then something happened in transit, and we ask you to contact us ASAP so we will be able to make it right BEFORE leaving feedback. 2) Communication: All buyers receive a purchase confirmation at time of purchase, a payment receipt, and an email from us with order information, which includes estimated shipping and delivery times. Your eBay order page will also show the estimated delivery date. We also respond to emails very quickly, ceaselessly in a matter of minutes or hours, even on weekends (though on weekends it on occasion takes a bit longer). 3) Shipping time: Every listing and order page shows standard handling times and estimated delivery dates. Very ceaselessly items ship and arrive even sooner than this. If your item arrives within the stated delivery estimate, we ask you to leave us a good rating in this category. Some buyers are very unreasonable and expect their item to arrive 10 minutes after they buy it, and unfairly punish sellers who deliver what they promised when they promised. We believe that our customers will not act that way, just as we don’t benefit from them.


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