OLD: Japanese Natural Sharpening stone Whetstone/ Finishing /Nakayama or Okudo?


NOTE:Because of US and international law in addition to eBay policy, I am unable to mark items as gifts or undervalue items on customs forms. I ask for your kind understanding. Thanks. FEEL FREE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS! These sizes are approximately. Width: 40mmLength: 190mmDepth: 13mm Weight: approximately, 400g (including a wooden base)Mined Area :KyotoGrit : – 6000 to 8000 or more finerHardness (by the scale of 1 to 10): 6 or 7 There are the letters on the edge of a wood stand that says “日本刀砥石”, this means that a sharpening stone for a Japanese sword. I have no idea that this was once being used for it, though, you want to flatten the surface if you wish to use this for a traditional edged tool. I think this one was once quarried from the area where is referred to as Nakayama, Narutaki or Okudo. The stone came from those area is a rare at the present time. Photo gallery click to enlarge


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