Oxygen Acetylene MIDSIZE cylinders welding tanks, FULL


Why pay high lease fees at Axxgas when you’ll be able to purchase these legal cylinders outright and never pay every other lease fee again. 125 c.f. Oxygen K size cylinder, with matching #3 75 c.f. Acetylene cylinder. The oxygen cylinder stands 48″ tall, and includes a lid/cap. Both tanks are FULL with wrappers on them. Both recently certified. There may be $98 worth of gas in these cylinders. Includes dolly handtruck with ratchet strap. $359 plus tax, FULL, outright purchase, not a lease. Cash or credit card on website, or paypal upfront. Come to our business location in Fountain, COSHIPPING: We will ship these LOCALLY ONLY in our own van ON ROUTE DAY ONLY for a flat fee of $20 but only to the following counties: El Paso County, Denver area counties, Douglas County, Woodland Park/Divide (paypal upfront required, driver does not accept payment). Stick with it Mr. Trump: I’m so proud of you and what you are doing! On the same time I’m disgusted and ashamed of what the news media is doing seeking to bring him down.


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