Precision Sharpening Knife Tool Sharpener Guides with Abrasive Belts Easy Use


Thank you for visiting our ebay store! The Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener is an innovative abrasive belt sharpening system. The combination of flexible premium abrasive belts and precision sharpening guides create the sharpest blades you’ve ever had with speed, ease and repeatability. The sharpening guides are purpose built for Kitchen Knives, Outside Knives (hunting knives, pocket knives, filet knives, and so on.) in addition to scissors and serrated knives. This tool may also be used for many other sharpening tasks such as garden pruners, lawn mower blades, shovels and countless other bladed shop and garden tools. This tool is assembled and quality tested in Ashland Oregon and has a 1 year warranty. Includes a detailed Quick Start Guide and User’s Guide. – SHARPEN EVERY KNIFE YOU OWN – like a pro, quickly, easily, & with repeatable, consistent results. Hunting, kitchen, filet, Outside, tactical, & pocket knives. Sharpens straight blades, curved, re-curved, tanto, & virtually any other shape of knife blade. Even ceramic blades will also be repaired & sharpened with optional diamond belts. – PREMIUM ABRASIVE BELTS – to meet your entire sharpening needs: coarse, medium, and fine. Coarse belt is used to repair damaged blades, & sharpening cutting tools. Medium belt is used for general knife sharpening. Gine belt is used to hone knives, sharpen serrations, & for quick touch-ups on blades that were recently sharpened. – PRECISION SHARPENING GUIDES – provide fast, easy, repeatable & consistent results. Interchangeable sharpening guides to establish precise cutting angles for your knives. Kitchen, filet, & other precision blades use 40° guide. Heavier duty knives such as hunting knives, Outside knives, & most pocket knives use 50° guide, & includes a 65° guide for sharpening common household scissors, & a guide for sharpening single-sided serrations. – VERSATILE TOOL SHARPENER – Sharpens common cutting tools including scissors, axes, hatchets, mower blades, garden shears, shovels, & most tools with a cutting edge. The versatility of the Original Knife & Tool Sharpener makes it an invaluable tool for keeping your entire blades in razor sharp condition and ready whenever you want them. – PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN COMPANY – This tool used to be engineered and assembled by hard working Americans. Work Sharp is a part of Darex, a 4th-generation family owned company in Ashland, Oregon. For over 40 years we have been creating industry-leading sharpening tools here in the us. Precision Sharpening Knife Tool Sharpener Guides with Abrasive Belts Easy Use


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