REVISED! Silvey 510 .404 .063 Gauge Harvester Chain Grinder


You are Bidding on a used Silvey 510 chain grinder including stand. It includes standard base for .063 Harvester / 1/4″ / .325 / 3/8, & .404 chains. The .080 gauge base isn’t included. The auction includes two brand-new grinding wheels, M832 & M818/SN021-8R which between the two will grind 1/4″ pitch, .325, 3/8, .404, .063 guage Harvester. I also used these 510 grinders to grind depth guage (manually) by dressing an angle onto a standard sdg6 stone. This machine will not grind 3/4″ Pond & Deck. Photos are the actual item you’ll receive. As you’ll be able to see from the paint colors in the photos the motor has been replaced. Best you’ll find. I bought this grinder new from Madsen’s Shop. It was once recently taken back to Mike, the Silvey Technician at Madsen’s for servicing, which became only an inspection as it required no service. Stand is included, which ships in separate box. The Silvey 510 is simply the most accurate and easy to use round chain grinder available on the market today. Each and every machine is individually tested for quality and accuracy. Silvey grinders employ unique methods of compensating for wheel wear that guarantees the ideal stone position through the life of the stone. It comes with a reversible, high torque, sealed bearing direct drive motor designed for years of maintenance free use. A big benefit of this grinder is that it uses an 8″ wheel for cooler grinding, which mean less cutter burning. The patented “faultless” pawl system secures chain quickly and easily for effortless grinding. Comes complete with flexible overhead light. Easily mounts to a bench, and an optional stand is to be had one at a time. Designed for semi-chisel and round chisel chain only. Comes complete with one .155″ wheel, in a position to grind standard 3/8″ and .404 chain. 1/8″ grinding wheels are to be had one at a time for .325 and 3/8″ low profile chain.


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