Rhino Welding Helmets – Carbon Fiber with Large View Lens – Hood Mask Helmet


[STICK MIG TIG FLUX ARC PLASMA CUTTING PAC PAW HELMET HOOD MASK AUTO DARKENING] Rhino Welding Helmets Large View (4″ X 2.6″) + Grind – Carbon Fiber RH01 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet 8 Variations To Select From – Helmet Only + 7 Unique Helmet/Accessory Bundles! Featuring an AUTO-DARKENING LARGE VIEW LENS WITH GRIND MODE, the viewing area on this Rhino Welding Helmet is more than 10 square inches, 4″ x 2.6″. In comparison, standard view lenses are about half that size, providing 5 square inches on average. Large View lenses allow DOUBLE THE WELDING VISION. Double your vision with a Large View Rhino Welding Helmet. Continuous ultraviolet and infrared protection is provided by the nylon shell. Both lightweight and flexible, this design is ideal for reduced fatigue and increased durability. Many helmets sold today are manufactured from heavier materials resulting in designs that are more rigid. The heavier weight can lead to accelerated fatigue and other problems, especially when the helmet is worn for longer periods of time. In addition, rigid designs are a lot more prone to crack or shatter all through an accidental have an effect on. Light/Dark States – Shade #4 & Grind Mode / Shades #9-13 Reaction Time – 1/25,000 second Low Battery Indicator – Signals for the replacement of both batteries Power Sources – Solar panel and two replaceable CR2032 batteries Arc Sensors – Two, Independent and Redundant Headgear – Ratchet style with headband Weight – Fairly less than 1.2 pounds including headgear Safety – Conforms to ANSI Z87.1 / CE / CSA / AS/NZS / EN379 / ISO9001-2008 Lens Covers – Interior and Exterior lens covers come installed. Additional lens covers are to be had in bundle packs and individually, sold in packs of 6,18, and 48. Delay – Time interval for the lens to remain dark after welding has ceased – adjustable between 0.15 – 0.80 seconds Sensitivity – Changes the amount of light/arc required to darken the lens. Extremely useful for adapting to variable light conditions and a variety of welding processes. Please Note: This helmet isn’t suitable for “overhead” welding applications, laser welding, or laser cutting applications. The information provided is for purchase suitability purposes only. Minimum protective shade levels for each welding process and arc current are different. Proper research, specific knowledge, and training are required for safety. When safely operated, this welding helmet provides protection for the following welding processes and arc current (amperes, amps)(Source: Safety and Health Fact Sheet No. 31, American Welding Society): Stick Electrodes, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, SMAW: Up to 550 Amps with electrode sizes of 3/32″(2.4mm)-More than 1/4″(6.4mm) MIG, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Flux Cored Arc Welding, GMAW, FCAW: Up to 500 Amps TIG, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, GTAW: 5-500 Amps Air Carbon (Light) – Up to 500 Amps Cutting, CAC-A (HEAVY) – 500-1000 Amps Plasma Arc Cutting, PAC – Up to 800 Amps Plasma Arc Welding, PAW – Up to 800 Amps 2-Year Warranty – The warranty covers defects/flaws in manufacturing and workmanship for all components. Accidental/Intentional physical damage such as a cracked shell is also covered under warranty except for the lens/filter unit. A physically damaged lens/filter unit voids the warranty (i.e. crack/scratch on the liquid-crystal display exterior/interior or damage to the solar panel.) Rhino Welding Helmets – Black Drawstring Storage Bag with Screen-printed Logo: (ONLY INCLUDED IN SELECT BUNDLE VARIATIONS)Easily store your Rhino Welding Helmet and accessories. Drawstring Storage Bag may also be carried like a backpack for easy transport. Replacement Large View Lens Covers in 6,18, and 48 packs: (ONLY INCLUDED IN SELECT BUNDLE VARIATIONS)4 Exterior Lens Covers and 2 Interior Lens Covers. Fits All Large View Rhino Welding Helmets. THIS LISTING’S AVAILABLE BUNDLE VARIATIONS * PRICING VARIES: Helmet OnlyHelmet + Logo Storage BagHelmet + 6pk Lens CoversHelmet + 6pk Lens Covers + Logo Storage BagHelmet + 18pk Lens CoversHelmet + 18pk Lens Covers + Logo Storage BagHelmet + 48pk Lens CoversHelmet + 48pk Lens Covers + Logo Storage Bag


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