Scroll Saw Blade Holder & Conversion -Adapter Set to take Pin & Plain End Blades


Scroll Saw Blade Holder & Conversion -Adapter Set to take Pin & Plain End Blades Unfortunately these have been discontinued by the manufacturer for some reason so after the inventory shown is gone We will be able to not be getting more! Everything needed to Scroll Saw like the PRO’s! This conversion set includes the hard to find blade holders for the most popular 16″ scroll saws and others. Use bladeholder alone or use the entire kit which converts most 16in. scroll saws to accept both plain end and pin end blades! Pin end type scroll saws can be converted to take narrow thin plain end blades for extremely tight radius cuts that cannot be performed by pin end blades! Upper arm blade holder makes changing plain end blades faster and easier! Easy to Install. Designed for use on these 16in. scroll saws: Sears Craftsman Direct Drive, Dremel 2-speed Model 1671 and variable speed Model 1695, Ryobi single speed Model SC160 but fits many more for which we do not have a list. SEE SECOND MAIN GALLERY PICTURE WHICH WILL HAVE THE ROCKER ARMS OF THE SAW CIRCLED. IF YOURS LOOK THE SAME SHAPE OR VERY SIMILAR THAN IT WILL FIT YOUR SAW! Contains all hardware and tools needed for installation. Also contains a Blade Holder Fixture Box which sold separately costs about $9.95. This box holds the lower blade holder clamp at the same time as you tighten it which makes plain end blade installations a snap! Combined shipping will be quoted by using the USPS shipping calculator which is synced with ebay. This takes the destination zip code, origination zip code, item weight, quantity ordered, and the service chosen to give you the actual cost, not just an estimate. Some listings will have flat rate shipping and some will use calculated therefore when you purchase both types the ebay may not be able to calculate the best discount imaginable. If you think the shipping seems unreasonable please click “request total from seller” located in the cart feature. 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If shipping seems higher than normal you can all the time request a payment total before paying to ensure that it is correct. Most of the time when the shipping services are the same for each item the shipping price is correct because it adds all of the items’ weights together and the USPS integrated shipping calculator bases it on the total, therefore it is combined. sometimes when items have different classes of service the calculator cannot combine them so it would make sense to request a total. Combined Shipping Info for flat rate shipping: The combined discount amount listed in the auction and also under “see discounts” or the “shipping and payments” tab will be automatically deducted from the total shipping amount after you checkout for every item but your first. 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It is impossible for us to prepay this or add it into the shipping price because it is a tax collected by some governments and has nothing to do with shipping. Most is between 5-10 percent and I believe that some Countries only collect duty tax on the more expensive orders but please research your laws to see if this applies to you! On May-28-14 at 00:11:24 PDT, seller added the following information: Every buyer gets a MyStoreRewards invitation for cash back


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