Sharpener Sharpening System Precise Hand Tool Grinder Saw Blade Machine Carbide


There are 12 large size pictures showing the actual item I will be able to ship to you. The photos are my description and will show you exactly what you are going to receive – thus nothing is being hidden from you and no returns are accepted…. After looking at All of the photos and you still have questions, then please ask me your question and I will be able to do my best to answer you. Shipping details.Item is ready to be placed onto a pallet for shipping via a LTL trucking service of your choice or you’ll be able to pickup the item. OR If you wish to arrange shipping with my local FedEx packing store, I will be able to be happy to take All of the items to them for you. All of the items weigh approx. 170 pounds (without pallet – I will get a pallet for you). All of the items will fit into 3-4 boxes (2-3 boxes 18x18x18 and 1 box will want to be longer to accommodate the planer attachment). The 2 heaviest boxes will weigh approx 75 pounds each – the motor assembly piece and the planer assembly. Can ship/pickup from a business address as it is stored in a heated storage facility.You probably have other ideas for shipping, or need help with arranging shipping, I am here that can assist you get it delivered! So ask All of the questions you wish to have.


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