Sievert-S Torch w/ Four Torch Heads and Carry Bag


Sievert Promatic piezo click start propane torch kit. Kit includes the Promatic care for with piezo starter and gas glide keep an eye on knob; four torch heads; 4 ft. hose with integral regulator to be used with 1 lb. propane cylinders; Klein 14 in. camo carry bag. Torch was once used to demonstrate install techniques for heat shrink tubing. The care for allows one hand start and stop, without the need for a striker. The hose has a to hand hook to hold it from a belt or pocket. It is a much easier set up to make use of than the 25 ft. hose version (the hose doesn’t get in the way in which). The two 3348P heads are for large items, the 3341P for smaller work, and the 3334P has a captive flame for more keep an eye on.


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