Tormek T-7 Sharpening Tool – Many Additional Jigs


Includes the following jigs – SVM-45 Knife JigSVM-00 Small Knife HolderSVX-150 Scissors JigSVM-140 Knife JigTT-50 Truing and Dressing ToolMH-380 Machine CoverSharpening VideoProduct descriptionThe most complete edition of the finest wet stone sharpening system available, the T-7 is rated for continuous use and has a vast array of specialty jigs available so you’ll quickly and easily sharpen virtually any tool in your house, backyard shed or workshop. The heart of the T-7 is the Tormek SG-250 10″ x 2″ grinding wheel turning at a slow 90 rpm through water which acts as a lubricant for faster grinding at the same time as it incessantly cools the tool edge to prevent “bluing” the metal. After grinding, the 8-3/4″ x 1-1/4″ genuine leather honing wheel gently removes the burr and hones the edge to razor sharpness. The T-7 System also includes the Angle Master, Honing Compound, Stone Grader, Diamond Truing Tool, Square Edge Jig, and Handbook and Instructional DVD.Combining a water-cooled, slow-speed, durable grindstone with an angle guide for precision, the Tormek T-7 Water-Cooled Sharpening System is ideal for professional sharpening applications. The T-7 improves the ease, accuracy, and safety in edge tool sharpening thanks to two innovations: a Square Edge Jig and a Diamond Truing and Dressing Tool. The SE-76 Square Edge Jig automatically aligns the chisel for precision sharpening, and the Diamond Truing and Dressing Tool helps you keep the stone in perfect condition, which is essential for a perfectly sharpened edge.T-7 Water-CooledSharpening SystemAt a Glance:Wet-grinding system increases tool life and won’t overheat the tool edgeSquare Edge Jig lines up the chisel at 90 degrees each time–without any adjustmentAngleMaster lets you set the angle of the jig to the grindstone and can measure the existing edge angle of a toolDiamond Truing and Dressing Tool with screw feed evens stone surfaceStainless steel shaft with E-Z Lock feature for tool-free grindstone removalRated for continuous useSeven-year warranty (includes commercial use)Ideal for sharpening woodworking hand tools, knives, and scissors.Wet Grinding Increases Tool LifeThe slow-speed, wet grindstone of the Tormek T-7 uses less friction than a dry grinder and won’t remove as much material from the tool right through sharpening, giving you a sharp, clean result and a longer-lasting edge. Unlike with dry grinding, you won’t have to worry about burr build-up, overheating, or the need for frequent sharpening.Purpose-Designed Jigs for Perfect ControlWith 11 jigs available for most types of wood-working tools, knives, and industrial tools, the Tormek T-7 maintains the precise edge and angle for each specific tool. It removes only a fraction of the steel, and the jigs guide your tools for accurate and efficient keep watch over of the shape and edge angle.The Tormek T-7 comes with a square-edge jig for chisels and plane blades, and there are additional jigs available for knives, scissors, axes, gouges, and more.Aligns a wood chisel automatically parallel to the Universal Beef up.View larger.Adjustment-Free Jig Aligns SquarelyThe included SE-76 Square Edge Jig is ideal for quickly clamping and holding chisels, plane irons, and even short and tapered chisels (like Japanese chisels) for accurate sharpening. Conventional jigs require that you align the tool in the jig with two mounting screws, a time-consuming process that results in loss of accuracy. The new Tormek Square Edge jig solves this problem by squarely lining up the chisel at 90 degrees each time–without any adjustments. This is achieved because the jig automatically aligns the chisel to its flat, machined face.The SE-76 jig can handle blades up to 76 millimeters or 3 inches in width, and it includes safety stops, which prevent tools from slipping off the stone.The Universal Beef up incorporates a micro adjust for fine setting.View larger.Universal Beef up Makes Sharpening EasyThe Universal Beef up mounts vertically or horizontally to the base of the Tormek T-7. Simply raise and lower the Universal Beef up with the help of the AngleMaster to achieve the desired sharpening angle, or mount it horizontally for honing away from the edge. Honing on the leather honing wheel can be performed with or without the SE-76 jig and with the Universal Beef up as a tool rest.Grinds your tool to any desired edge angle from 10° to 75°. View larger.Angle Master Achieves the Exact Angle Every TimeRegardless of wear and tear on the grindstone, the included AngleMaster will help you achieve the exact angle you want every time. With a range of 10 to 75 degrees, the AngleMaster allows you to set the angle of the jig to the grindstone, and it can also measure the existing edge angle of a tool. For further convenience, magnets keep the AngleMaster securely in place.The stone grinds very effectively and gives a fine finish to the tool. View larger.Stone Grader Adds Versatility for Sharpening and PolishingThe Tormek T-7 Original Grindstone can be dressed to 220 grit or 1,000 grit for versatility. The stone comes with a 220-grit surface, and the included Stone Grader allows you to quickly and easily change the surface to 1,000 grit for fine polishing. Since you won’t have to change the jig or the stone, the Stone Grader allows you to perform both efficient steel removal and a fine finish with one stone.Large Wheel, Powerful Motor, and E-Z Lock ShaftThe Tormek T-7 uses a 10-inch by 2-inch stone wheel, giving you a wide and durable surface for sharpening. The powerful, heavy-duty motor turns the wheel at 90 rpm and can be run continually. For further convenience, the T-7’s stainless steel shaft with E-Z Lock feature means you’ll remove the grindstone without tools.With TT-50, you’ll true and dress your grindstone round and flat.View larger.Truing and Dressing Tool for a Perfectly Sharpened EdgeUsing a cluster of diamonds to smooth the surface of the stone, the included Truing and Dressing Tool with screw feed can restore a worn stone to an even surface. It mounts and locks instantly on the Universal Beef up, ensuring that the stone surface is at all times parallel to the tool fitted in the jig. This enables you to keep the stone in perfect condition, which is essential for a perfectly sharpened edge.Clean and Secure SharpeningThe T-7’s advanced water trough comes with an enlarged standard lip for maximum water collection. It also includes an embedded magnet to collect steel particles and a removable water chute for long tools. Because steel particles are deposited into the water trough and wet-grinding doesn’t create grinding dust, there is not any need to worry about air pollutants. The low speed also eliminates sparks and allows the operator to have complete keep watch over of the tool.The Tormek T-7 Water-Cooled Sharpening System is backed by a manufacturer’s seven-year limited warranty, which includes commercial use.


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