TORMEK TT-50U Diamond Truing & DressingTool UPGRADE for ADV50 (without Diamond)


TORMEK TT-50U Diamond Truing and Dressing Tool with Screw Feed Upgrade (without diamond)If you happen to already own a TORMEK ADV-50 dressing tool you’ll use the diamond from that tool and make a brand new TT-50 with this upgrade. The diamond is NOT included with this upgrade. This Brand New TORMEK Diamond Truing Tool with screw advancer trues the stone exactly round and flat. Dual knob screw allows an easily controlled feed around the stone for a wonderfully flat surface. If you happen to feed faster you create a rougher surface which grinds more quickly. Mounts and locks right away in the fitting position at the Universal Toughen of the TORMEK sharpening system. The cutting depth is controlled by the Micro Adjust at the Universal Toughen. Shipped at the same or next business day payment is received!


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