Tru-Hone Commercial Knife Sharpening System – Heavy Commercial HCF 220V New!


* Professionally Sharpen Knives in 1 Minute* Grinds Both Bevels at the Same Time* Adjustable Angle Settings* Variable Speed Regulate* Complete Burr Removal* 100% Guaranteed Advantage of The HEAVY Commerical model: * Larger Bearings* HCA has ALL ½” Gears, LC has ¼” & ½” Gears* Two Drive Belts Connecting the Motor & Gear Train* Heavier Duty Speed Regulate with Micro Switch The True Hone Heavy Commercial Knife Sharpener will put and keep unbelievable edges on your knives. Used by professional sharpening companies far and wide the world, the Tru Hone is the ultimate for edge dependablility. By removing as little metal as imaginable, the Tru Hone extends the life of your knife at the same time as quickly and efficiently raising and refining an incredibly sharp edge. The patented wheel design allows two overlapping wheels to rotate upwards into the edge of the knife blade. Variable speed is to be had if overheating is a concern on a badly damaged knife blade. Whether you need to start a commercial knife sharpening business or you need to care for your knives in-house, the Tru Hone will serve you well for years. If for any reason you don’t seem to be 100% satisfied, simply return the machine within 14 days of receiving it for a full refund or exchange. Please contact us with any questions about the Tru Hone Heavy Commercial Knife Sharpener (HCA)!! _gsrx_vers_586 (GS 6.8 (586))


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