WORK SHARP WSGSS Knife Sharpener,6 W In.,320/600 Grit G2101480


WORK SHARP WSGSS Knife Sharpener,6 W In.,320/600 Grit G2101480 MPN: WSGSS, SKU: G2101480 Sale Price: $49.95 Product Details Knife Sharpener, Dry, 320 Grit, For Sharpening Kitchen Knives, Pocket Knives and Hunting Knives, Sharpening Axes, Serrated Edges, Scissors and Other Tools, Includes Sharpening Platform, Pivot Response Plate Holder, Sharpening Guides 17 Degrees to 20 Degrees F, Angle Guided Ceramic Field Hone, Ceramic Rods, Coarse 320 Grit Diamond Plate, Fine 600 Grit Diamond Plate, Instructions and Quick Start Guide About Us Zoro has a simple mission—We help small business stay competitive! We do this by offering thousands of great products at super low prices. Small businesses have historically been at a disadvantage to larger companies who can buy stuff at lower prices on account of their size. We wish to change that! Zoro has the various products that the “big guys” have and we offer every single one of them at an on a regular basis low price. There are no complex discount structures to bear in mind. Every customer pays the same low price for an item—whether you wish to have to shop for one or one thousand! We have our headquarters in Buffalo Grove, IL—though we are petitioning the town to rename itself Fox Grove. (We’re coming for you, Buffaloes.) And we ship orders out of six warehouses strategically located across the country. More specifically, they’re in California (one in sunny SoCal and one in breezy NorCal), Illinois (the Land of Lincoln), South Carolina (the Land of Mustard BBQ sauce), and Texas (the warehouse there is bigger). Like you, we consider that the key to success is to at all times put our customers first. Shop Zoro Shipping Returns Terms Payment Contact Us


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