Work Sharp WSKTS Knife and Tool Sharpener w/ Upgrade & Strop Polish Kit


Work Sharp WSKTS w/ Upgrade & Strop Polish Belt Kit You are purchasing the true deal. Not a 2nd, not refurbished, not a fake. This is the Complete Kit and Includes: WSKTS knife and tool sharpener – the main machine – mini belt system The guide for kitchen knivesThe guide for hunting knivesThe CD with plenty of helpful informationFour Sets (not two) of Belts with the P80 course, P220, and 6000 gritCeramic HoneCarrying BagUsers Guide and DiagramsRegistration Form for Your Full One Year Warranty ADDED BONUS STROPPING KIT (promotional item provided by smartmiter) Three EXTRA FINE 12,000 micro mesh grit belts not found in another seller’s line.Polishing Compound to apply onto the 12,000 grit belts.This extra stropping kit produces an even sharper edge than generally conceivable. Two interchangeable guides, a 40 degree for kitchen and fillet knives, and a 50 degree for pocket knives and hunting knives, help you take care of the very best angle effortlessly. The flexible abrasive belts produce a convex edge similar to professional knife makers do. The coarse P80 grit belt can be utilized to grind a damaged blade or tools like axes, machetes, shovels, post hole diggers, even a lawn mower blade! Sharpen knives with the P220 grit belt and then hone the edge to shaving sharp with the 6000 grit belt. A set of belts can sharpen up to 50 knives! For the sharpest edge conceivable, use the 12K grit belt (1.5 micron) with polishing compound (.5 micron) applied to it. A User’s Guide Instruction booklet and DVD describe a step-wise approach so even a novice sharpener can have success and produce an edge that a professional would be proud of.


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