WORX WX178L 20V Max Advanced Intelligence Lithium-Ion Cordless LED Ai Drill


Thank you for visiting our ebay store! There’s nothing more satisfying than grabbing your trusted tool and building or fixing something – making it better – the use of your own two hands and ingenuity. Well, WORX has introduced a new device that’s sure to be on your favorites list in relation to tackling projects around the house. It’s the Ai Drill – the first cordless drill with Advanced Intelligence. No other power drill available on the market has its combination of features and functions. The new WORX Ai Drill adds a whole new dimension to cordless power drill convenience with its exclusive BitLock, Protected Drive and Pulse Assist features. Advanced Intelligence can also be defined as a machine’s capability to imitate intelligent human behavior, and that’s just what WORX engineers had in mind when they developed the Ai Drill. It’s almost intuitive and so easy to use that first-time users and DIYers will breeze through home and craft projects. The Ai Drill has three drive modes including drill, Protected Drive and Pulse Assist, which are activated by a switch on the top of the drill. BitLock is likely one of the key features of the WORX Ai Drill. Load a drill or driver bit into the tool’s chuck, and its motorized jaws will self-center and tighten the bit, and do it with 30 percent more bit-holding torque than tightening the bit manually. The motorized chuck also reverses to release the bit when it‘s time to swap bits or for storage. To engage BitLock, simply turn and hold the switch ring until the chuck’s jaws have moved to the desired position. With Protected Drive, the Ai Drill stops screws automatically, delivering the amount of torque necessary to drive the screw in almost any material, and then backs off once the screw head is flush to the surface. Most cordless drills have clutch settings, and the user selects the setting based on the material in which they’re drilling holes or driving screws. The WORX Ai Drill has no clutch settings, instead relying entirely on the tool’s internal electronics to safely drill holes, drive and remove screws, regardless of the work material. Pulse Assist instructs the Ai Drill to apply just enough bit rotation to drive the screw snug to the surface without overtightening or stripping the screw head. This helpful feature also works in reverse to back out stubborn screws without damaging the screw head. The 3.1 lb. (with battery) WORX Ai Drill is powered by a 20V MAXLithium 1.5 Ah battery. The battery is compatible with other WORX 20V battery packs used in DIY and lawn and garden tools and is a part of WORX 20V Power Share program. The MAXLithium battery recharges to full capacity in about five hours. The drill also features a low battery capacity indicator. When the battery’s power is running low, the drill’s LED light flashes. The single speed (0-800, no-load) drill has a 3/8” chuck. The drill is capable of handling quite a lot of drilling and driving jobs with 180 in./lbs. of torque. An LED light illuminates the work area and is activated by the trigger. The tool’s drilling capacity is 1” in wood and 3/8” in mild steel. – Compact smart drill with Advanced Intelligence (Ai) Technology makes every project easier – less than 3 lbs. means reduced fatigue and convenient storage – Automated BITLOCK allows one-hand operation even as providing 30% more holding force than typical manual chuck – SAFE DRIVE stops driven screw flush with work surface, prevents damage to work and screw – PULSE ASSIST prevents bit from slipping when drilling on hard surfaces and when driving or removing soft or worn screws – Share battery across a couple of WORX tools within the 20V Power Share platform WORX WX178L 20V Max Advanced Intelligence Lithium-Ion Cordless LED Ai Drill


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